Program for the Hardanger Fiddle Association of America's
2020 Online Festival

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The HFAA Online Festival featured a series of virtual events over the weekend of Thursday, July 16th - Sunday, July 19th. We also released a series of teaching videos from fiddlers from across the United States and Norway, for you to learn new tunes at home at your own pace. Below is the program.


7PM-9PM CDT: HFAA Festival Kick-off and Meet and Greet.

This session will provide information about the festival schedule and online events, about Zoom and how it operates, and about the HFAA. Introduce yourself to the community, meet other neat people, and have fun! After the introduction, we will break out into smaller groups to catch up, meet new faces, and have fun! Feel free to enjoy a beverage or snack while mingling.



11AM CDT: Hardingfele Teaching Video Release

We have a variety of videos from highly experienced players of the tradition based both in Norway and America, available for streaming and download so that you are able to learn some new tunes from home in this time when we can’t safely meet in person. Spend your summer practicing hardanger fiddle!

6PM-7PM CDT: Dance Workshop with Jennifer Brosious and Laine Harris

Quarantine got you down? Try on Norwegian folk dance for size! The incredible Jennifer Brosious and Tamberlaine Harris will lead this dance workshop! Get up on your feet and dance to some beautiful tunes with friends, new and old! Learn some new moves, and then stay online for the traditional HFAA "Lightning Round" dance party, where you will get to hear from amazing musicians from around the country and around the world!

Jennifer Brosious and Laine Harris have been dancing and teaching Telemark dances together since the early 1980’s. They met as professional folk dancers in the Aman Ensemble where Jennifer choreographed their Norwegian Suite. They have studied and danced Telespringar both in the United States and in Norway with many fine dancers including Karin Brennesvik, Olaf Sem, and Alf Tveit. They will be teaching a one hour session on tips, tricks and techniques of dancing Telespringar.

7PM-9PM CDT: LIGHTNING ROUND! (Dance and Music Party)

The online edition of the annual HFAA dance party! All instruments are welcome.

The Format: Everyone will be logged in to the meeting, mute on, tuned fiddles/instruments at the ready. We'll each play one tune according to the order on the Google Doc (link below). We will go in the order on the list, regardless of what slot people have taken. All times are in Central Time. DANCING AT HOME IS HIGHLY HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, especially as we have a dance workshop immediately beforehand! This is the perfect opportunity to practice and show off your new dance moves!



11AM-Noon CDT: Storytelling & Fiddle Panel with Lars Erik Øygarden

This event will be a live discussion of the folklore and stories that go with fiddle tunes in the Norwegian tradition. Lars Erik Øygarden is a highly renowned Telemark-style fiddler from the mountain town of Rauland, Norway. He is a performer, competitor in the A-Class at the Norwegian fiddle competitions, a teacher of many, and is also currently studying instrument-making. Having grown up with the hardingfele tradition, he is well-versed in the stories which are woven into the fabric of the fiddle tunes and this event will include both some tune performances as demonstrations as well as discussion of the folklore and how it relates to the music. Moderated by Georgia Beatty.

To view an example of his playing, visit youtube:

1PM-2PM CDT: Annual Members' Meeting

The HFAA’s Annual Membership Meeting (also called the Business Meeting) is online for 2020. HFAA members, please watch your email inbox for more information.



12PM-2PM CDT: Strings, Soundposts, and Stories: Luthier Panel Discussion

Before we can play or dance, someone must first make the instrument! Five American Hardanger fiddle luthiers will discuss and debate their approach and philosophies. Take a peek at the luthier workbench and gain a greater understanding of the skills, artistry, and creativity involved in creating a Hardanger fiddle. A must-attend for anyone who owns a Hardanger fiddle, attendees will learn important instrument maintenance and repair information. From finding that annoying buzz to solving peg problems, attendees will gain valuable tips that will save time, money, and headaches while sounding their best. A moderated event, feel free to ask questions! There will be time at the very end to inquire about specific instrument concerns.

Panelists: Lynn Berg, Dave Golber, Bud Larsen, Karen Rebholz, Bevan Wulffenstejn

Moderator: Eden Ehm

3PM-4PM CDT: Samspel with Loretta Kelley

Play together with Loretta Kelley on some of the most popular hardingfele tunes for both gammeldans and bygdedans. This is your chance to play your favorite tunes from the HFAA's popular Samspel (group fiddling) sessions at our Annual Workshop! Sheet music will be provided; registration is required. Note watchers, listeners, and dancers as well as other treble-clef instruments are welcome.